Brian Holtz – July Speaker

Brian Holtz

Brian HoltzGod or Money?

Brian Holtz, Global CEO of Compass Financial Ministry, will help us find the answers to these questions – and many others – in Scripture, leading us to experience a closer relationship with Jesus through a healthier relationship with money.

Brian Holtz serves as Global CEO of Compass Financial Ministry, an international non-profit organization that exists to see everyone, everywhere faithfully living by God’s financial principles in every area of their lives so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission. In this role, Brian applies learnings from his 15 years of cross-functional corporate experience to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the resources God has provided.

Bill Schomberg – June Speaker

Bill Schomburg​

Bill Schomburg​Bill’s Journey from There to Here to Next

The Lord knew Bill Schomburg long before Bill knew the Lord. Now, his purpose is to help others seeking Him by sharing his journey and the lessons learned as God revealed Himself along the way. To help others as He reveals their path, find the true meaning of life and purpose in being blessed and serving the Lord.

In Bill’s six plus decades of life, God has gifted him perspective, meaning, and joy through what has been a unique, often complicated life. Blessed with 19 years of marriage later in life, widowed 7+ years ago, The Lord provided him the soulmate in His perfect design. Bill loves the way Rick Warren describes this in The Purpose Driven Life … The Lord cares far more about our character than our comfort when He selects our partner. He made Bill a father when He joined him with the family his wife brought with her to their marriage; He since placed joy in his heart for being a dad to three and a grandparent to three more.

Growing up around church, his family was connected to but not inside of it. When his family arrived on Sundays, often while his parents argued in the front seat about something, one or the other would say to the kids “Don’t you embarrass us in there!”. Of course, as soon as Bill left home, he had no church life, and no relationship with Christ.

God revealed Himself to Bill and he started paying attention in earnest at the age 44. Bill was at a Cowboy church service. He thought his singular purpose for being there was simple: The National High School Rodeo Finals were moved east of the Mississippi for the 1st time and he was part of the committee having made this happen. Nothing God does is ordinary; Bill has come to appreciate He always goes before us, often while we are still trying to buck the (HIS) system.

Through an altar call during the service, Bill responded to the physical force He exerted on his shoulder, beginning in earnest the journey as a new, intentional follower of Christ. Why now after 3 years of marriage would He reveal Himself to him? One career finished in the Equine Industry the other in Construction about to begin, what was He thinking? With all the ups and downs one encounters, the answers we want so quickly can only be answered in God’s time and He doesn’t wear the same watch we do.

God demonstrated this truth during his marriage with next-door neighbors becoming key encouragers in their walk with Christ. No, Bill’s wife did not accept Christ at the same event. God had his own plan for Alison, as He does for everyone else. The Lord had a church picked out, men who would come alongside him in significant ways in the next few years. All according to a plan Bill knew nothing about. The most important aspect of the plan was He was working on him to be made willing.

Currently in a third career in Digital Marketing, 7 years in with more lessons learned, God’s infinite wisdom was and continues to be revealed in every facet and experience He places in front of Bill. The phrase “I’m not smarter than you, we have different experiences” characterizes the overall impact. The Lord has continued to mold him and recently called him to embark on the commitment to Life-Long Learning. This nudge, push, shove, seamlessly compliments a mantra adopted 10+ years ago, to be a “Talented Observer.”

“Wait” you might say, “how does one start a career as a horse-trainer, move into construction, now work in Digital Marketing?” … Glad you asked!

There are so many stories to share…volunteer leadership and service roles, a member of two Elder boards, a church divided in half in one week, the loss of two businesses, a life-changing accident in 2010, the challenges of navigating marriage…the death of his spouse and subsequent work going on the grief journey in the last 7+ years. All seen as blessings today instead of challenges. For this reason and this season of life, his calling, His will to continue on Bill’s journey, to be a Sherpa, is being supporting and encouraging to others on their walk, using God’s guidance to serve others in His purpose and for His glory, alone.

Lee Partee — May Speaker

Experienced Executive and Strategic Business Coach | Visionary and Integrator | Faith-Driven Leader | Advocate for Second Chance Employment

As a husband of 22 years and a proud father of eight, Lee brings a depth of experience to his role as an executive leader and strategic business coach. His commitment to family, faith, and continuous personal growth complements his ability to seamlessly integrate vision with practical execution. In addition to being a seasoned professional, Lee is also a proud felon who believes in the transformative power of second chances.

Lee has successfully guided businesses toward transformative change throughout his career, consistently exceeding targets in several different industries. Lee’s strategic vision and hands-on implementation approach have proven effective in high-pressure environments.

Lee’s faith is at the core of his leadership style, providing strength and purpose to his work. He draws inspiration from his relationship with Jesus Christ, infusing compassion into every aspect of his professional journey. As a firm believer in the power of second chances, Lee actively support initiatives that promote dual chance employment. As someone who has personally experienced the power of a second chance, Lee is passionate about creating opportunities for individuals seeking employment after setbacks. Recognizing the potential for growth and success in every person, he actively champions initiatives that foster second-chance employment.

Away from the professional arena, you’ll find Lee cherishing moments with family, reading, and constantly pursuing knowledge through study. Lee uses golf as a hobby and a means to relax, clear his mind and challenge himself mentally and physically.

Connect with Lee and explore how his visionary and integrator skills, faith-driven approach, advocacy for second-chance employment, and dedication to the family can contribute to your business goals and professional journey. Together, we can navigate challenges and achieve meaningful success.

Brad Jordan — April Speaker

Brad Jordan

Brad Jordan

Brad Jordan is not just an experienced professional in sales, customer service, and talent acquisition, but also a dedicated family man, a passionate sports coach, and an enthusiastic community member. He has carved out a successful career in developing and executing strategies for a wide range of companies, from ambitious startups to prestigious Fortune 500 firms. His leadership style is collaborative and effective, thriving in fast-paced environments and driving towards growth and success. 

For over two decades Brad has been conducting presentations and workshops across the United States. His focus areas include leadership, customer service, and emotional intelligence. Brad is impacting the lives of numerous individuals with his passion for education and personal development. Brad Jordan is more than a speaker; he is a testament to the power of balancing professional success with personal fulfillment and community service.

Patrick McBane — March Speaker

Patrick is currently a Consultant, Coach and Lead Trainer in partnership with TL. He works with small and medium size organizations to help identify and remove critical barriers to personal and team success.  Patrick’s background is a combination of business management, sales, and vocational ministry. He has his own non-profit called Marketplace Solutions. Here he has been developing emerging leaders in countries like Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, DRC, Uganda and the Philippines since 2013.

He is the Owner of Life Needs Leadership, LLC. He resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife – Leslie A. McBane. They have two married daughters and five grandchildren.

Jon and Sami Hagar — February Speakers

Jon and Sami Hagar

Jon and Sami HagarJon and Sami Hagar, founders of the Troy Skate Church, will be speaking at the gathering. Jon and Sami Hagar founded Troy Skate Church (TSC) in the summer of 2021 after feeling God’s call on their life. TSC is a local non-profit committed to reaching the teens and young adults in our community with the love of Jesus regardless of gender, background, race or religious affiliation. They do this through providing a free meal every week, encouraging the people at the skatepark, and providing a warm space to skate and hear God’s word in the winter.

Charlotte Colley — January Speaker

Speaker Charlotte Colley

Speaker Charlotte ColleyCharlotte Colley is a local government consultant, the owner of Charlotte Colley Consulting, LLC. and a former municipal and county administrator with over 18 years of local government experience. Charlotte is also the president of the Dayton chapter of C-Suite for Christ and attends Redemption Christian Tabernacle in Tipp City, Ohio.

She began her career as a local government consultant and has experience with process improvement, project management, performance measurement/management, strategic planning, facilitation, best practice research and benchmarking. As an ICMA credentialed manager and a former Ohio City/County Management Association Executive Board President Charlotte understands the value of professionally managed local government. Her understanding and experience of building successful teams, often in challenging circumstances, has proven crucial to her ability to deliver high quality project outcomes and to make positive changes in organizational culture and customer service.

Charlotte has her B.A. in Political Science from Muskingum University and her M.A. in Political Science from Miami University. She, her husband Andrew, and their three children live in West Milton, Ohio.

Adam King — November Speaker

Speaker Adam King

Speaker Adam KingAdam is a 1997 graduate of John Glenn High School in New Concord, Ohio. He received his bachelor’s degree in middle-childhood education from Ohio University and then his master’s degree in educational leadership along with his principalship from Muskingum University where he also obtained his Superintendent’s licensure and would love to begin his doctorate coursework very soon. Adam also completed his leadership endorsement coursework through Ohio Dominican University. Adam served in the public schools for 18 years as a science and biology teacher at the high school and college level as well as a principal at the elementary level. Adam has been a youth pastor since the year 2000 and currently serves at New Hope Church in Zanesville, Ohio alongside his bride, Jen of whom he has been married to since 1999. Jen also works as a full-time college instructor. Adam resigned from public schools in 2020 after he and his wife paid off all of their debt including their mortgage. He started a consulting company where he would speak publicly and also work with students and their families in the area of academics, behavior, counseling and martial arts. As of the summer of 2023, Adam works as a regional representative for LifeWise Academy where he drives interest all over the country in getting BIBLE education to PUBLIC school students DURING school hours. Adam and his wife love Jesus, their families, serving, exercising, traveling, their cats, eating sushi and drinking coffee. Please welcome, Adam King.

Paul M. Neuberger, Founder of C-Suite for Christ — October Speaker

Paul M. Neuberger, a Wisconsin native, graduated from Ripon College in 2005 and Marian University in 2007. He started his career as a professional fundraiser at the collegiate level. Following the death of his father-in-law in 2012, Paul followed a new path and became a financial advisor with Thrivent Financial. It’s from here he realized a passion for sales and started his first business, The Cold Call Coach. Paul is a dynamic, in-demand speaker who delivers keynotes worldwide. His most notable talk is “Instantaneous Differentiation: How to Make Yourself Memorable”. Paul loves to show the audience how, together, they can make the impossible possible.

Paul loves spending quality time with his wife Tanya and their three children: Kennedy (10), Hudson (8), and Reagan (5). He also enjoys immersing himself in politics, reading biographies, and watching movies.