Bill Schomberg – June Speaker

Bill Schomburg​

Bill Schomburg​Bill’s Journey from There to Here to Next

The Lord knew Bill Schomburg long before Bill knew the Lord. Now, his purpose is to help others seeking Him by sharing his journey and the lessons learned as God revealed Himself along the way. To help others as He reveals their path, find the true meaning of life and purpose in being blessed and serving the Lord.

In Bill’s six plus decades of life, God has gifted him perspective, meaning, and joy through what has been a unique, often complicated life. Blessed with 19 years of marriage later in life, widowed 7+ years ago, The Lord provided him the soulmate in His perfect design. Bill loves the way Rick Warren describes this in The Purpose Driven Life … The Lord cares far more about our character than our comfort when He selects our partner. He made Bill a father when He joined him with the family his wife brought with her to their marriage; He since placed joy in his heart for being a dad to three and a grandparent to three more.

Growing up around church, his family was connected to but not inside of it. When his family arrived on Sundays, often while his parents argued in the front seat about something, one or the other would say to the kids “Don’t you embarrass us in there!”. Of course, as soon as Bill left home, he had no church life, and no relationship with Christ.

God revealed Himself to Bill and he started paying attention in earnest at the age 44. Bill was at a Cowboy church service. He thought his singular purpose for being there was simple: The National High School Rodeo Finals were moved east of the Mississippi for the 1st time and he was part of the committee having made this happen. Nothing God does is ordinary; Bill has come to appreciate He always goes before us, often while we are still trying to buck the (HIS) system.

Through an altar call during the service, Bill responded to the physical force He exerted on his shoulder, beginning in earnest the journey as a new, intentional follower of Christ. Why now after 3 years of marriage would He reveal Himself to him? One career finished in the Equine Industry the other in Construction about to begin, what was He thinking? With all the ups and downs one encounters, the answers we want so quickly can only be answered in God’s time and He doesn’t wear the same watch we do.

God demonstrated this truth during his marriage with next-door neighbors becoming key encouragers in their walk with Christ. No, Bill’s wife did not accept Christ at the same event. God had his own plan for Alison, as He does for everyone else. The Lord had a church picked out, men who would come alongside him in significant ways in the next few years. All according to a plan Bill knew nothing about. The most important aspect of the plan was He was working on him to be made willing.

Currently in a third career in Digital Marketing, 7 years in with more lessons learned, God’s infinite wisdom was and continues to be revealed in every facet and experience He places in front of Bill. The phrase “I’m not smarter than you, we have different experiences” characterizes the overall impact. The Lord has continued to mold him and recently called him to embark on the commitment to Life-Long Learning. This nudge, push, shove, seamlessly compliments a mantra adopted 10+ years ago, to be a “Talented Observer.”

“Wait” you might say, “how does one start a career as a horse-trainer, move into construction, now work in Digital Marketing?” … Glad you asked!

There are so many stories to share…volunteer leadership and service roles, a member of two Elder boards, a church divided in half in one week, the loss of two businesses, a life-changing accident in 2010, the challenges of navigating marriage…the death of his spouse and subsequent work going on the grief journey in the last 7+ years. All seen as blessings today instead of challenges. For this reason and this season of life, his calling, His will to continue on Bill’s journey, to be a Sherpa, is being supporting and encouraging to others on their walk, using God’s guidance to serve others in His purpose and for His glory, alone.

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