Lee Partee — May Speaker

Experienced Executive and Strategic Business Coach | Visionary and Integrator | Faith-Driven Leader | Advocate for Second Chance Employment

As a husband of 22 years and a proud father of eight, Lee brings a depth of experience to his role as an executive leader and strategic business coach. His commitment to family, faith, and continuous personal growth complements his ability to seamlessly integrate vision with practical execution. In addition to being a seasoned professional, Lee is also a proud felon who believes in the transformative power of second chances.

Lee has successfully guided businesses toward transformative change throughout his career, consistently exceeding targets in several different industries. Lee’s strategic vision and hands-on implementation approach have proven effective in high-pressure environments.

Lee’s faith is at the core of his leadership style, providing strength and purpose to his work. He draws inspiration from his relationship with Jesus Christ, infusing compassion into every aspect of his professional journey. As a firm believer in the power of second chances, Lee actively support initiatives that promote dual chance employment. As someone who has personally experienced the power of a second chance, Lee is passionate about creating opportunities for individuals seeking employment after setbacks. Recognizing the potential for growth and success in every person, he actively champions initiatives that foster second-chance employment.

Away from the professional arena, you’ll find Lee cherishing moments with family, reading, and constantly pursuing knowledge through study. Lee uses golf as a hobby and a means to relax, clear his mind and challenge himself mentally and physically.

Connect with Lee and explore how his visionary and integrator skills, faith-driven approach, advocacy for second-chance employment, and dedication to the family can contribute to your business goals and professional journey. Together, we can navigate challenges and achieve meaningful success.

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